No-one really knows what goes on within a couple except for the couple. I think a lot of people wanted answers because we ended quite cleanly and amicably. There was no bust-up or fallout – people thrive on that. At least it would have given them some kind of explanation. It’s just something that ran its course. I loved him dearly and I still do ….

Megan Gale on her break up with Andy Lee, almost two years after the fact 

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legitimately do not understand the practice of shouting and whistling at girls when you drive by

do you expect me to run after your car screaming WAIT COME BACK I WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU

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I’ve decided never to fall in love again. It’s a disgusting habit. Ten minutes ago, I saw death everywhere. Now it’s just the opposite. Look at the sea, the waves, the sky. Life may be sad, but it’s always beautiful.

Anna Karina, Pierrot le Fou

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yes this

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We were together. I forget the rest.

Walt Whitman 

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somewhere, to someone… you’re an angel

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2intelligent4u asked: hey there. came here to say that you're beautiful. :)

thanks for that :-)